On this route we are going to make the dream of many come true all the way through cars, pictures and historical trophies and we will visit the home of good food.


This is where the dream of a lot of people comes true: the Ferrari Museum. It hosts cars, pictures and awards that have made the history of the celebrated brand and its amazing success on the commercial markets and circuits all over the world.

Next step on our tour is the Ducati museum that has preservedthe memorabilia of the Ducati races for over half a century as well as the history of the company founded by the Ducati brothers in 1926. The path develops over a circuit with 33 legendary motorbikes on display with a special area for the visitors. Next to the circuit we can find a series of seven fully-dedicated theme halls.

For lunch, we can check out the typical restaurants and taste the local cuisine.


The European capital of culture for 2020, Parma can give you anything: culture, gastronomy, music, art.

A graceful city, where you can really sense the atmosphere of a small capital, Parma is also synonymous with its province, its territory: a heterogeneous landscape sprinkled with villages and castles.

Home to good food, it makes for high-quality food and wine itineraries.