Art, culture and romantic atmospheres.


An exciting travel in time, we are going to discover this city of love with the grave and the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, the Roman Theatre, the Roman Arena, the picturesque Piazza Delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, also known as “the open-air lounge”.

It is possible to stop for lunch at a typical restaurant to try out the good savory local tastes.


The tour starts with a visit to Piazza San Marco, the former political centre of the Republic of Venice and the Basilica of San Marco. We are going to walk into Palazzo Ducale, the Venetian powerhouse for over nine centuries. We are going to take a walk in front of magnificent churches and ancient palaces on our way to the lively central area of Rialto with its stately Fondaco dei Tedeschi, a redecorated Renaissance building today the house of a contemporary department store specializing in luxury shopping.

We are going to deep-dive into the city’s alleys, to the many wine bars and Venetian taverns, in an unsophisticated and genuine atmosphere. There it is possible to sip a Spritz, the local cocktail or a good glass of wine along with “ciccheti” appetizers, a Venetian tradition.

We are going to visit the main museums in town and the Biennale of Art or Architecture.

Two dates you cannot really miss in town are the Carnival in February and the Festival of Cinema in September where it is possible to see celebrities on display from all over the world.

We are going to lead your way through the three shrines of the lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello.