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is the fruit of an idea.

Live out the experience of a contemporary city, rich in history, art, culture, appeal and glamour.

Milan is the City of Lifestyle, it discloses trends and fashions, not only in Italy but worldwide.

We are a DMC, Destination Management Company, with Milan and its surrounding areas as a landing-place and we create business events and luxury travelling.

We provide services for event and incentive agenciesbusinesses, associations, corporate clients as well as Italian and foreign top clients.

We take care of all the details of the coming event: from strategy to projecting, from planning to implementation and we provide our clients with both practical and creative support through cooperation with top local suppliers.

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Why Milan?

Mostly in the aftermath of Expo 2015 and with the creation of the Mind, Milan Innovation District, the park of science of knowledge and innovation, the city has become a very attractive destination and it appears to the world as an international cosmopolitan metropolis full of culture, art, history with events revolving around the top made in Italy excellences, from design to fashion, from the visual arts to food.

The Capital city of finance, fashion and design

The banking and financial capital of Italy, Milan is an elegant city, with its typical quiet charm where tradition, modernity and innovation go hand in hand. It can be defined a cocktail of “old and new” where people coming from all over the country and the world meet, influence one another and realise their projects in different fields, creating and making it a vibrant city.

The capital of events

The city is served by two airports and is equipped with luxury hotels, versatile venues for events and gala dinner parties, both modern and historical and it is very easy to reach.

Strategic starting point

Milan’s surrounding areas feature a number of places of natural beauty and opportunities: it only takes an hour by car to get to the lakes (Maggiore, Como, Garda, Iseo), the countryside (Franciacorta, Monferrato, Langhe), the sea (Cinque Terre, Portofino), some historical and cultural heritage cities (Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Turin, Parma, Bologna) and the breathtaking Alps.

The project is the brainchild of the experience of Maria Luisa and Anna Chiara,
the first was born there and the latter is a foster citizen of Milan, and out of their mutual love for the town they call home.

“With us you can find out about the atmosphere and the hidden charms of Milan
in a unique experience of style that will speak to your five senses: from the visual arts to music, from design to fashion, from cuisine to shopping”.

Maria Luisa Ciccone

Maria Luisa Ciccone

Journalist, Event Motivation Coach, has over 20 years of experience under her belt in event planning as a Partner for Incentive Power, the Agency where she launched the Incoming Italy Destination project in 2011 and she organized a number of events for companies as well as Italian and international institutions for Expo 2015.

Anna Chiara Arriga

Anna Chiara Arriga

Company manager, holds a long-standing experience in marketing and communication which she developed in multinational companies on different markets.

She was a Marketing Manager in the mass market and in 2000 she took part in the startup of 3Italia in the field of mobile telecommunications, first as one of Personnel Directors and then Director of Events and Sponsorships.

Our Commitment

Besides the love and the passion that drive our work, the values we commit ourselves to are:

Maria Luisa Ciccone e Anna Chiara Arriga
Maria Luisa Ciccone e Anna Chiara Arriga

Our Commitment

Besides the love and the passion that drive our work,
the values we commit ourselves to are: